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Reviewing and Shortlisting
  • The advisory board will review all submissions and assess their feasibility and alignment with the award
  • Shortlisted submissions will move on to the next stage
Presentation and Evaluation
  • You will present your initiative to the advisory board in a virtual workshop that will take place in September.
  • Following the completion of the workshop all submissions will be evaluated by the advisory board and select the finalists for the EFICA gala lunch
3 finalists will present to EFICA award audience
  • Finalists will make a formal presentation of their initiative to the audience at the Gala Lunch on the 2nd of November
  • The audience vote will determine the winner of the EFICA award.


The Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge and Awards are not open to employees of either Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank or Refinitiv, EFICA judges, or anyone involved in the administration of the awards.

Ethical Finance Award

  • The proposed initiative/product must be an existing initiative/product already offered by a financial institution or any other entity.
  • The initiative/product may be an adaptation of an existing product, as long as the enhancements materially change the nature of the product.
  • The proposal should be based on delivering an ethical outcome and process (ends and means respectively).

Islamic Finance Challenge Award

  • This award honors fintech providers in the Islamic finance space
  • The proposed initiative has to be sharia compliant
  • The proposed initiative has to show how it will drive the progress of Islamic finance industry
  • The proposed fintech has to show the use of disruptive and collaborative technologies