Wahed Invest

What is Wahed

Wahed is the world’s first automated halal investment platform. We provide our clients with a recommended portfolio based on the Modern Portfolio Theory, buy the securities for them, and manage the portfolio by periodically rebalancing it. Our algorithms do all the work from risk assessment, to portfolio allocation, to client on-boarding and trading. No halal financial advisor has ever done this before.

We aim to make wealth management accessible to all ethical investors across the globe starting in the US, with a $500 minimum investment at just a fraction of the fees of most traditional financial advisors.

We combined Silicon Valley technology with Wall Street portfolio management to create a truly automated and efficient experience to our clients. Our on-boarding process is completely digital, and our clients can open an account, fund it, and start investing in as little as two working days.

How it works

We believed that the halal investment industry was too far behind compared to conventional finance. We are proud to be the ones implementing this much needed overhaul, and we’ve made it convenient and practical for our clients to get started.

The process is simple:

  1. You answer a few questions which would enable us to assess your risk profile
  2. We recommend an optimized and diversified portfolio of different investment funds according to your risk profile
  3. You confirm your selection, fill out your personal details and fund your account
  4. Sit back and monitor your performance

How we’re making a difference

Our mission is to provide all ethical investors around the globe with an efficient and accessible automated investment platform. There are two main points that we’re mostly proud of.


Previously, investors looking for a halal investment platform had four options. They could either go to traditional financial advisors that generally require high minimum investments and typically charge higher fees, trade individually if they have the necessary skills, leave their savings in a bank or sacrifice on their beliefs and work with a conventional finance platform.

We’re providing the much-needed alternative. We believe everyone has the right to access a financial advisor, regardless of account size, and a $500 account minimum allows that. Through Wahed, we aim to help inspire individuals, especially the younger generation, to start investing their savings and better plan for their future by providing them with an opportunity to grow their wealth.

Introduction of technology

Technology is reshaping almost every aspect of our lives, and we thought it was about time to introduce it to ethical investing.

Through our platform, clients can on-board themselves in minutes, and have an active and funded account in as little as two working days. They also have quick and easy access to their funds and can seamlessly fund or withdraw money from their Wahed account. Also through the client portal, investors can view their holdings, returns, and transactions in almost real time. We’re redefining the standards in this industry.

Additionally, clients will be investing in socially responsible companies. Our own Ethical Review Board ensures that all investments are halal.

Latest Developments

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to an investment advisor’s success.

Gladly, our registered users come from 48 different states in the US. What’s even more humbling is that we have international clients signing up to our waitlist from more than 95 different countries and six different continents without us even launching globally.

Participating in the EFICA awards certainly aided our growth from a marketing perspective. Thompson Reuters is a global giant and that stamp is priceless. ADIB is a leader in its field and one of the most innovative banks in the region that have expanded globally, and it gives us great pleasure to be associated with such established players. Participating in the EFICA awards also opened doors for potential collaborations with some of the largest banks in the world.

We’re very excited to launch new products and services in the US, while also keen to reach all ethical investors around the world. To know more about us you can visit our website, Facebook page or the Halal Investing Journal. You can also get a free portfolio recommendation in minutes here!

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